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Vanguard's experienced team are experts at designing the right sized crate for your project.  From simple, single product crates to complex, multi-layered crates, all are constructed with the highest quality materials.  If your product is over-dimensional or too heavy for a wood base, we will design a hood crate or spot crate to provide protection. No crate is finished until it is stamped with our CWPCP certification to comply with all ISPM 15 export requirements. 


Custom Crates

Vanguard's crates are custom built to meet each customer's requirements.  Our crates are well designed for the safe and secure transport of your goods and we work with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your shipment.

Hood Crates / Spot Crates

Hood crates or spot crates are designed for over-dimensional products or products that only need partial protection.  

Corrosion Protection

We use VCI poly wraps, rust inhibitors and desiccant packs to eliminate moisture and prevent corrosion of sensitive parts when required.  

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