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Vanguard specializes in unique projects with demanding schedules and timeframes.   Our wide range of services allows us to handle every aspect of a project's packaging and shipping requirements.   With over 25 years of experience preparing cargo for international shipment, there no project that we cannot handle.   We combine our experience with innovative thinking to create the most effective solution for your export packaging and crating needs. 



Vanguard worked with FSI International at their facility in NE Calgary packaging and container loading two brine blending plants for shipment to Russia.  


The shipment was loaded into 18 sea containers and consisted of every part and component needed to build the plant including tools shipped from Calgary.  Vanguard utilized a variety of custom crates, skids and break bulk packing methods to complete the project in the most cost effective manner while being mindful of the ease of unloading and organzing on site.  


The timeframe was very demanding given the remote location and need for winter roads to access the site.  Had the shipping window been delayed, the containers would have had to wait until the following winter.   By flexing up Vanguard's labour force and working overtime, the shipment arrived at site on time.   



Vanguard helped Mustang Helicopters prepare and package two  helicopters for shipment to Turkey.  The main helicopter bodies were shrink wrapped after protecting all glass surfaces, while the blades, mast assemblies, head assembies and skids were all separately crated. 


The crates had to be packaged and bundled along with the tail boom sections on a large aircraft skid so that all could be loaded in a cargo plane for transport.  The blades are extremely sensitive and required special packaging care to ensure that they were not damaged during the shipment.  The project was completed in Blackfalds, Alberta.  



We worked with Flexpipe to prepare 350 coils of HDPE pipe for shipment to Australia.   In additon to our skids supporting the weight of the pipe, the skids needed to be designed to fit a specialized lifting device at site and incorporated steel c-channel so that the skids could be lifted by crane or forklift at multiple loading and unloading locations with varying types of equipment.  Compounding the design challenge was that no banding or fasteners could come in contact with the pipe.    

We are proud of the fact that Vanguard met the tight timeframe of this project and that all 350 coils arrived at site in the same condition in which they left.   

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