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Vanguard uses the highest standard for packaging materials and in our crate construction process.  We maintain a strict quality management program and undergo regular audits to ensure that we continue to meet all ISPM 15 export regulations.  Our crate design and construction takes into consideration all of the handling requirements during shipment, providing you with the security of knowing that your cargo will arrive at its destination in the same condition in which it left. 

Crating Services Calgary Alberta
Custom Crating

With over 25 years in the industry, Vanguard's experienced team are experts at designing the right sized crate for your project.  From simple, single product crates to complex, multi-layered crates, all are constructed with the highest quality materials.  If your product is over-dimensional or too heavy for a wood base, we will design a hood crate or spot crate to provide protection.  We utilize blocking, bracing and high tensile steel strapping to prevent any movement during shipping and to provide additional structural strength for the crate.  If necessary, we wrap your product in VCI poly and use rust inhibitors to eliminate moisture and prevent corrosion.  No crate is finished until it is stamped with our CWPCP certification to comply with all ISPM 15 export requirements. 


Skidding & Poly Wrapping

​Vanguard can custom build any size skid for your product.  This is ideal for products that may not require a full crate.  All of our heavy duty skids are constructed with 4x4 or 4x6 heat treated lumber spacers and covered with 2x8 lumber planks.  We also use lumber runners on the underside to create a four-way skid when required.  Products are secured to the skid using blocking, bracing and high tensile steel strapping.  For added protection or for prolonged storage, we can poly wrap or shrink wrap the product before lowering it on the skid.  If necessary, we will use VCI poly and rust inhibitors to eliminate moisture and prevent corrosion.  All lumber used in our skids complies with ISPM 15 export regulations. 

Poly Wrapping Calgary Alberta
Sea Container Loading Services Calgary Alberta
Container Loading & Unloading

Vanguard can expertly load your sea container for shipping and we provide experienced load planning.  We maximize space in order to minimize costs.  All crates and skids are blocked and braced within the container to prevent movement during transportation.  Even weight distribution is key to a safe and secure load.  All lumber dunnage used in container loading is stamped with our CWPCP certification to comply with ISPM 15 export requirements.  Our experienced crews are mobile and can provide loading, blocking & bracing services at your site.  Or if space is an issue, have your container delivered to our site.  Vanguard can also unload your containers in the most safe and efficient manner.  

Shrink Wrapping

Vanguard provides shrink wrapping services for a simple, cost effective way to protect products during transportation and storage.   Shrink wrapping is ideal for large, oversized equipment where crating is not practical or for added protection for palletized products.   We use high quality 8mm white poly shrink wrap in various sizes to ensure that there are minimum seams once applied.   Wood framing and/or nyon strapping is utilized where possible to prevent lifting of edges.   Shrink wrapping can be provided for virtually any size of equipment and can be done at your site to eliminate the need to move the equipment.

White Poly Shrink Wrap Calgary Alberta
Certified Wood Blocking Calgary Alberta
Certified Dunnage

Vanguard has provided certified wood dunnage for export packaging and transportation since the introduction of ISPM 15 regulations.  However, we expect an increase in demand following the removal of the current exemption for wood packaging being shipped between Canada and the U.S.  The new rules which are expected to take effect January 1, 2015 will require all wood packaging, including wood dunnage and blocking, being shipped to the U.S. to be constructed and marked by facilities certified under the CWPCP.  This will greatly affect transportation companies handling goods being shipped via truck to the U.S.  Vanguard is capable of providing any type of wood dunnage or blocking custom cut to the size required for your export shipment and stamped to meet all ISPM 15 requirements.

Other Services

Vanguard provides a wide range of other services including crate stenciling and marking, dangerous goods packaging and labeling, receiving and inventory verification, transloading and freight consolidation, warehousing and cross docking.  And whether the project is completed at our site or a customer's site, we can arrange for heavy lifting equipment such as cranes and heavy heavy forklifts, container handling services to and from the rail yards and local trucking services for freight transportation.   We work closely with a number of freight forwarders that can help with all your shipping needs.   We strive to provide an all-in-one service offering so that you only need to have one point of contact for your shipment.   

Industrial Export Packaging Calgary Alberta
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