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Vanguard provides a wide range of other services including crate stenciling and marking, dangerous goods packaging and labeling, receiving and inventory verification, transloading and freight consolidation, warehousing and cross docking.  And whether the project is completed at our site or a customer's site, we can arrange for heavy lifting equipment such as cranes and heavy heavy forklifts, container handling services to and from the rail yards and local trucking services for freight transportation.


Dangerous Goods Packaging

Vanguard can provide dangerous goods packaging in Calgary for hazardous goods shipping by ground (TDG), air (IATA) and marine (IMDG), including all marking, labeling and documentation.

Heavy Lifting Equipment


Whether a project is completed at our site or our customer's site, we can provide heavy lifting equipment suitable for a safe and efficient completion.  We have access to cranes and heavy forklifts to handle any capacity.

Container Handling

Vanguard provides container handling services in Calgary for 20' and 40' containers.  Empty containers can be delivered to site and placed on the ground or at dock level for loading.  And fully loaded containers (up to 76,000 lbs) can be picked up and delivered to the rail yards. 

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