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Vanguard can custom build any size skid for your product.  This is ideal for products that may not require a full crate.  Our heavy duty skids will handle virtually and type of load.   Products are secured to the skid using blocking, bracing and high tensile steel strapping.  For added protection or for prolonged storage, we can poly wrap or shrink wrap the product before lowering it on the skid.  If necessary, we will use VCI poly and rust inhibitors to eliminate moisture and prevent corrosion. 


Heavy Duty Skids

All of our heavy duty skids are constructed with 4x4 or 4x6 heat treated lumber spacers and covered with 2x8 lumber planks.  We also use lumber runners on the underside to create a four-way skid when required.  High tensile steel strapping and custom blocking and bracing is utilized to safely secure the product to the skid for transport.

Poly & Shrink Wrapping

Vanguard uses a variety of poly wraps for different shipping requirements.   Clear or white poly can be used for simple protection from the elements and light road debris, while VCI poly is used for corrosion and moisture protection for up to 18 months.

Custom Skid Solutions

We have worked closely with customers to design custom skids that fit their specific needs. One example is a customer that required skids to support 20,000 lbs of coiled pipe, but needed the skid design to accomodate a unique lifting device and to fit on a turntable for installation in the field.

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